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National Boss's Day at Columbus Nursing Home

October 18, 2019
We loved celebrating McNaughten Pointe's bosses on National Boss's Day! Our Administrator, Mike, and our Director of Nursing, Melissa, lead our team with an emphasis on living our Culture of Care every day. They make it easy to see how much they love our residents and staff. Here they are getting their hands dirty, and wheelchairs clean, on our October wheelchair wash day! Thanks for all that you do, Mike and Melissa!

Team members like Mike and Melissa are integral to McNaughten Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation's Culture of Care. We are a proud member of the Foundations Health Solutions family of nursing homes. Founded by nursing home developer Brian Colleran, Foundations Health skilled nursing facilities are committed to its residents, families, communities, and teams throughout Ohio.

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National Boss's Day at Columbus Nursing Home
We're so thankful for Mike and Melissa!

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Happy Birthday to our Receptionist, Carol!
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